Stay Cool With Home Revolution’s™ Innovative Sunshades

April 04, 2017 Allison Hess

Private Label Supplier Introduces New Automotive Products For Sellers and Consumers


Chicago, IL: March 2017 – Home Revolution™, a private label home goods supplier, is expanding their lifestyle categories with a new automotive line. This will be Home Revolution’s™ second year attending the International Home + Housewares show. Home Revolution’s™ new automotive product line will begin with 2 new sunshade units. Sunshades shield cars and other vehicles from intense sun rays in the following protective ways:


  • Shades guard users by disallowing harsh UV rays from directly hitting the skin, similar to the usage of a sun hat on the beach.
  • Sun rays can cause overheated steering wheels, seats, and belt buckles. This can lead to discomfort, anxiety, dehydration, and burns. Sunshades help to eliminate internal heat buildup and make a more comfortable vehicle atmosphere.
  • Sunshades protect electronics from overheating and breaking.
  • UV rays can do damage to the interior of the car by fading or bleaching colors and warping interior equipment. A sunshade keeps the vehicle interior lasting longer.


These products are great for kids, who have sensitive eyes and who get uncomfortable in a heated car. The first product is the Cling Shadey, which clings to the inner window using static electricity. Most cling shades use glue, tape, or another type of adhesive, which are not reusable and damage the window. The Cling Shadey, though, uses static electricity that is built into the product, creating a secure fit without damage to the car. The Cling Shadey can also easily be switched between cars or windows. One package includes two cling shades that fold into a printed pouch.


The second sunshade is the Sun Glove. Rather than sticking to the interior of the window, the Sun Glove is placed over the frame of the car door. This allows passengers to safely open their windows and enjoy the fresh air while still keeping the sun out of their eyes. This product stretches over most doors, and the tightness of the stretch allows it to firmly stay in place.


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