Cadillac® Escalade® Malibu® Avalanche® Silverado® Cabin Air Filter


  • Designed to fit: Cadillac Escalade, ESV, and EXT; Chevrolet Avalanche, C3500, Silverado, Suburban, and Tahoe; GMC C3500, Sierra and Yukon models, compare to parts CA8755A, A1618C & A45315 and AC Delco A1518C, A1618C, A1620C, A3085C, A3085C
  • Replace with confidence: We back all of our USA engineered products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Protect your engine: Air filter traps even the small particles of dirt and debris that can limit engine air intake, lower fuel economy, and cause expensive damage to pistons and cylinders
  • The Home Revolution mantra: Premium quality replacement products at a low price
  • What you get: 1 engine air filter

Dimensions: 12.30 x 9.72 x 2.36 inches
Weight: 1.4 pounds

This Home Revolution Brand Panel Air Cabin Filter is Made to Fit: Blue Bird Conventional: General Motors V8-8.1L ENGINE. Cadillac Truck Escalade: V8-5.3L F/INJ LM7 T 2005-2002, V8-6.0L F/INJ N 2006-2002, V8-6.2L F/INJ FLEX FUEL L86 J 2015, V8-6.2L F/INJ FLEX FUEL L94 F 2014-2010, V8-6.2L F/INJ FLEX FUEL L9H 2 2009, V8-6.2L F/INJ L92 8 2008-2007. Cadillac Truck Escalade Hybrid: V8-6.0L F/INJ FLEX FUEL LZ1 J 2013-2010, V8-6.0L F/INJ LFA 5 2009. Chevrolet Malibu: 4-2.5L F/INJ 16V DOHC LKW L 2014. Chevrolet/GMC Truck 2500: V8-5.3L F/INJ T 2002-2000, V8-5.3L F/INJ FLEX FUEL Z 2005-2002, V8-5.3L F/INJ FLEX FUEL L59 Z 2006, V8-5.3L F/INJ FLEX FUEL LC9 3 2007, V8-5.3L F/INJ FLEX FUEL LMG 0 2007, V8-5.3L F/INJ LM7 T 2005-2003, V8-5.3L F/INJ LY5 J 2007, V8-6.0L F/INJ K 2007, V8-6.0L F/INJ U 2006-2005, V8-6.0L F/INJ L76 Y 2007, V8-6.0L F/INJ LQ4 U 2004-2000, V8-8.1L F/INJ G 2006-2001. Chevrolet/GMC Truck Avalanche: V8-5.3L F/INJ T 2006, V8-5.3L F/INJ FLEX FUEL Z 2005, V8-5.3L F/INJ FLEX FUEL L59 Z 2006, V8-5.3L F/INJ FLEX FUEL LC9 3 2011-2007, V8-5.3L F/INJ FLEX FUEL LC9 7 2013-2012, V8-5.3L F/INJ FLEX FUEL LMG 0 2013-2007, V8-5.3L F/INJ LM7 T 2005-2002, V8-5.3L F/INJ LY5 J 2009-2007, V8-6.0L F/INJ L76 Y 2009-2007, V8-8.1L F/INJ G 2006-2002. Chevrolet/GMC Truck C1500-3500: V8-8.1L F/INJ G 2002-2001. Chevrolet/GMC Truck RV Cutaway Chassis: V8-6.6L DIESEL LB7 TURBO 1 2004, V8-8.1L F/INJ L18 G 2004-2001. Chevrolet/GMC Truck Silverado C1500-3500: V6-4.3L F/INJ W 1999, V6-4.3L F/INJ X 2013-2004, V6-4.3L F/INJ LV3 H 2014, V6-4.3L F/INJ OHV L35 W 2002-2000, V6-4.3L F/INJ OHV LU3 X 2012-2002, V8-4.8L F/INJ V 2004, V8-4.8L F/INJ FLEX FUEL L20 A 2013-2010, V8-4.8L F/INJ LR4 V 2007-1999 & More. Compare to part numbers: AC-Delco A1518C, A1618C, A1620C, A3085C, A3086C & A3181C. Outer Dimension (Length): 12.3", Inner Dimension (Width): 9.72", Height: 2.36". Breathe fresh air thanks to these aftermarket replacement Automotive Panel Air Cabin Filters by Home Revolution.

 *This is not an OEM product, and is not covered under any OEM original manufacturer's warranty. The brand names and logos referenced here are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. Any use of these brand names, models, or part number designation for this product is made solely for the purpose of demonstrating compatibility.

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