Round Plastisol Air Filter* | Part #CA9493 & #A25456


  • Designed to fit: Acura CSX & RSX and Honda Civic, CR-V & Element Models, compare to parts CA9493, A25456, and Honda 17220-PNA-003 & 17220-PNB-003
  • Replace with confidence: We back all of our USA engineered products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Protect your engine: Air filter traps even the small particles of dirt and debris that can limit engine air intake, lower fuel economy, and cause expensive damage to pistons and cylinders
  • The Home Revolution mantra: Premium quality replacement products at a low price
  • What you get: 1 engine air filter

Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 6 inches
Weight: 3.2 ounces

This Home Revolution Brand Round Plastisol Air Filter is Made to Fit: Acura CSX Canada: 4-2.0L F/INJ 16V DOHC K20Z2 V-TEC 2006. Acura RSX: 4-2.0L F/INJ 16V DOHC HO V-TEC 2004-2002, 4-2.0L F/INJ 16V DOHC K20A3 V-TEC 2006-2002, 4-2.0L F/INJ 16V DOHC K20Z1 HO V-TEC 2006-2005. Honda Civic: 4-2.0L F/INJ 16V DOHC K20A3 V-TEC 2005-2002. Honda Truck CR-V: 4-2.4L 16V DOHC K24A1 V-TEC 2006-2002. Honda Truck Element: 4-2.4L F/INJ DOHC K24A4 V-TEC 2006-2003. Compare to part numbers: AC-Delco A2932C. Baldwin RS4189. Carquest 87188. Defense DA9493. Group 7 VA5456. Hastings AF1134. Hastings AF1134F. Honda 17220-PNA-003 & 17220-PNB-003. Luber-Finer AF9098. Mann & Hummel MA 1052. Microgard MGA9493. MOBIL A25456. Parts Master 62188. Pennzoil PZA-442. Performax PA-442 & PA-442. Promotive AF5456. Purolator A25456. Quaker State PA-442. Shell A25456. STP SA9493. WIX 42188. Outer Dimension (Length): 5.42", Inner Dimension (Width): 3.13", Height: 6.88". Home Revolution Panel Filters should be changed every 12,000 miles to improve the quality of cabin air and prolong the life of your cars air handling equipment. Refer to your vehicle owners manual for recommended filter change intervals which may differ between vehicle makes and models. A Clean air filter improves the flow of air and filters dust & dirt from entering the engine. Breathe fresh air thanks to these aftermarket replacement Automotive Panel Air Cabin Filters by Home Revolution. Home Revolution products detoxify the air and exhilarate the home and mind. With a powerful style of manufacturing, we link clean air and earth-friendly intention together with a mission to 100% fresh air and satisfaction.

*This is not an OEM product, and is not covered under any OEM original manufacturer's warranty. The brand names and logos referenced here are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. Any use of these brand names, models, or part number designation for this product is made solely for the purpose of demonstrating compatibility.

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