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HUNTER® 30940


  • HIGH-QUALITY AIR FILTER that can replace your Hunter 30940 air purifier filter. Get back to breathing clean air again!
  • HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE! No one wants to breathe in dirty air and if you don't clean your air filter that will be exactly what you'll be doing! Replacing your filter will help clean your air and allow for a healthier lifestyle! This filter fits Hunter 30210, 30214, 30215, 30216, 30225, 30260, 30398, 30400 & 30401.
  • EASY TO INSTALL so you can get back to breathing clean air as soon as possible! Simply remove your old filter and put this brand new one in it's place!
  • SAVE MONEY by using a new air filter! When your Hunter Air Purifier has a clogged or dirty air filter it can cause it to work harder which will end up hurting your electric bill!

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