Does My eCommerce Site Need A Blog?

March 14, 2018 Seller's Choice Collaborator


Does My eCommerce Site Need A Blog?

You may think that adding a blog to your eCommerce site is a complete waste. Why spend the time creating and writing blog content when you could be trying to promote direct sales? But the fact is, one of the best ways to stimulate direct sales, is to generate traffic to your site. 

Blogs generate traffic.

And more than just generating general traffic, the right blog topic can send you an audience that is primed and ready to purchase.

Blogs will help your SEO

As an eCommerce site, one of your primary goals is to rank near the top of the first page of search results. Blogs can help you do this. Search engines use bots, crawlers, and spiders to crawl your content, index this content, and rank your relevancy. Because blogs usually contain links, specific phrasing, and keywords related to your site, this increases the effectiveness of the crawl. Each new blog post is another indexed page that the search engine will associate with your business. Blogs also provide an ideal opportunity to create content around your searchable keywords, generating more hits. 

Does My eCommerce Site Need A Blog?

Blogs inform your audience

Blogs provide a golden opportunity to teach your audience a little more about your products and your company. Depending on what you sell, it can be useful to give potential customers an idea of all the different ways your product could be useful to them. They may have found your site because they are interested in what you are selling, but a blog can convince them to buy. If they are able to see the way your product can not only fit into their lives, but potentially improve it, they are more likely to purchase. For example, if you are selling vacuum cleaner parts, it could be useful to write a blog about house cleaning hacks or organizational tips. 

When you write a new blog and share it on your social media channels, you remind your audience that you are there. Staying top of mind should be one of your goals. These posts bring people to your site, even when they aren’t planning to buy something. This helps them develop a relationship with you. When they are eventually looking to buy an item that you sell, they are more likely to head directly to your site to make that purchase. And it is important to remember that blogs are shareable content. They can easily make the rounds on social media which can organically expose you to an audience of people that may not have even realized you existed or that they were in need of your product. Creating really good blog posts that speak to your audience on social media, can increase customer engagement. The more engaged your audience is, the better you look as a company. You could have a million followers but if your social pages are a ghost town, your revenues will never grow.

Blogs can also position you as a thought leader in your industry. Potential customers want to feel confident in the knowledge you are providing. People are more likely to trust a site that demonstrates that they are an authority on whatever it is they are selling.

If your company has an incredible origin story or a unique mission, a blog can be a great way to share this. Are you a green company? Are you socially and ethically responsible? These are things that are increasingly important to buyers and instead of cramming it all into your “About Us” section, you could use a blog to expand on these details. It humanizes the company and builds respect in the buyer’s mind.

What do I blog about?

Now that you know your site needs a blog, you may be wondering where to begin. We mentioned a few things above, advice on using your product and telling your own story, but you can’t repeat variations these topics over and over again. It will not only be boring and stale for you to write, it will be boring and stale for people to read.

Remember, you want to stay relevant, both in search engines AND in people’s minds.

Does My eCommerce Site Need A Blog?

One place to find potential topics is to spend some time looking at your customer service emails, product reviews, and comments posted on social media. If you are getting the same questions and comments over and over again, there are bound to be some topics in there for you to write about. Obviously, how you approach this depends on what you are selling. As an example, if you are selling fitness products, you may get a lot of customer questions like “how do I lose belly fat?” or “will this help me shrink my stomach?” From questions like this, you can deduce that there is probably a relatively large number of people visiting your page that are concerned about the size of their stomachs. From here, you can write a blog about fat burning exercises, one about clean eating, and maybe one about body positivity. Paying attention to customer concerns helps you identify potential problems people are having and allows you to offer a potential solution. Directly addressing customer concerns in a blog post helps an audience connect with you emotionally. It establishes that you care about the struggles they may be facing and that you want to help them through. It makes you trustworthy and valuable to them which means they will think of you first when looking to purchase products that will help them reach their goals. Not all products will elicit such deep, personal responses but anytime you can offer someone a solution to a problem they are having, they are more likely to reward you with a purchase. 

Blogs can also be a great way to share information that is relevant to your industry. Advancements and innovations in technology, consumer trends, or current events all make really great blog topics. If you are able to produce blogs that keep your audience up to date on the latest news and information, they are going to feel like they are insiders. No one likes being in the dark. And providing the latest information, again, positions you as a thought leader. It makes you the place to go for product and industry news and information. You become a valuable resource.

Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to just blog about things you find interesting or entertaining. Again, depending on your industry, product, and target audience, things you find fascinating could relate well. These sorts of posts allow you to display your personality in a relatable way. Demonstrating you have a sense of humor, for example, is an excellent way to draw a wider audience. People love cleverness or even thoughtfulness. Have you noticed something out in the world that you find curious? Write a post about it. Encourage a conversation. Get creative. Lots of people talking about your post translates into lots of people talking about your site.

Regular blogging on your eCommerce site is a vital tool for growing your audience and increasing your sales. That time you spend writing the blog is more than worth it. A post you write today may still generate hits a year from now. Don’t wait any longer, start writing now and in no time, you will be front and center in customers’ minds and well ahead of your competition.

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