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How To Be A Great Host

April 17, 2017 Allison Hess


It’s officially spring, and that means the days are getting longer and the weather’s getting more pleasant. It also means that fun parties and exciting events are in full swing! If you are looking to open your house up to friends and family this season, you want to make sure your house is just as inviting as your heart is. Whether you’re hosting a large party or a one-on-one lemonade date, you want your house to be clean and welcoming.


Here are our top 6 tips to make your guests feel at home in your home.



1. Focus on the kitchen first.

There is an interesting psychological phenomenon that guests tend to gather in the kitchen because humans naturally associate food with a community. The kitchen is often also physically at the center of the house or connected to several other rooms, so it’s an easy go-to space. Thus, this is the room where you should focus your attention first—especially if you have limited time.


- Put away all of your party prep items and clear off the counters.

- Empty the sink of dishes…even if you have to hide them in the dishwasher for now. (If you have the time, run the dishwasher. This way you know you have clean dishes as a backup if you run low.)

- Wipe down the counters free of spots.

- Vacuum or sweep the floors. Crumbs are bound to pile up throughout the event, so you want to start out with a fresh space.



2. Focus on the bathroom second.

A clean bathroom is a sign of a clean home. Going into someone’s home and finding a dirty bathroom is unpleasant. Make your bathrooms sparkle and shine, and your guests will automatically assume your house is clean—even if your other rooms are a little untidy.


- Remove hair from the sink, toilet, shower, and floor. People most associate loose hair and toothpaste globs with an unkempt place (even more so than any other signs of dirt and grime). A quick sweep with a sponge or cloth on surfaces will boost the bathroom’s appearance quickly.

- Clean the toilet bowl. It may not be your favorite chore, but your guests will thank you.

- If you have time to let the floor dry before guests arrive, break out the mop. A shiny floor makes a great first impression.


3. Take out the trash.

Taking out the trash and recycling is an instant revitalizer for your house. It will make you feel like the room is clean and fresh (and a little less stinky). Plus, trash accumulates quickly while hosting, so you will want as much space available before needing to take it out again during the party.


4. Make it fragrant.

Smells can linger in the air (which is why you need a quality air purifier). You are surrounded by the house’s smells, so you may not notice it—but your guests will. Make your home smell great, and it will be more pleasant and welcoming.


- Turn off the lights and burn a fragrant, springy candle to hide messier rooms you didn’t get to clean—and to make everyone feel comfy and cozy.

- You could also bake something in the oven. Baking chocolate chip cookies is a real estate trick that makes the house seem more appealing to potential buyers! 

- You may also want to consider cleaning with natural products to avoid that overpowering chemical, bleach smell. Vinegar and baking soda can help neutralize odors, while lemon makes surfaces smell fresh and clean!


Also, a scent is one of the strongest triggers of memory. If you have a unique or clean smell in your home during your party, others will be reminded of your amazing event the next time they catch a whiff of that pleasant aroma!


5. Have room for belongings.

Make extra hangers available in the nearby closet to hang up your guests’ springtime jackets and purses. If you don’t have room in the closet, clear a separate room that is just for stowing away belongings. (Make sure that room is extra clean!) Even something as simple as taking their coat when they walk in the door will make them feel comfortable in your home.



6. Put on some tunes.

Put on music in the background to set the atmosphere and fill any silences. Music can send subconscious signals to your guest to help them feel the vibe and relax into the atmosphere.



How do you like to prepare for a party in your home? Let us know in the comments below!


Home Revolution products are made to make your lives and your parties cleaner and cheerier! Happy hosting, HomeRevers!


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