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Spring Cleaning Meditation

March 27, 2017 Allison Hess



Last Monday was the first day of spring (although winter seems to be overstaying its welcome). You know what the first day of spring means—spring-cleaning is officially here! April is the perfect, rainy month for you to stay indoors and clean out those hidden (or not so hidden) messes!


A few weeks ago, we gave you the 9 spring cleaning tricks to reach hard-to-reach places. Now, let’s make this year’s spring-cleaning a little bit different, a little bit easier, and a little bit more fun than past years!


In many ways, spring-cleaning is a time of renewal, cleansing, and “rebirth.” Cleaning can actually lower stress and anxiety, boost productivity, and increase happiness levels!


Thus, we have created a 6-point checklist to help transform your spring-cleaning chore into a personal, meditative escape. As you clean your house, you can clean your spirit and mind as well.


1. Clean windows, shades, and curtains.

Brighten up your space and let more light in by removing those built up layers of dust and dirt. Natural light in the home has a lot of benefits, including boosted productivity, diminished stress, and even better sleep!


2. Wipe down walls and ceilings.

A similar philosophy also goes for the other major fixtures of a room, like the walls and ceilings. These tend to have marks or grime that you don’t notice or can’t see from a distance. When cleaned your wall colors will appear brighter and more vibrant—which then leads to a more effervescent space and energetic body!


3. Clean rugs, carpets, and floors.

During spring-cleaning, it’s time to do more than just Swiffer your hardwood floors and do a quick vacuum while watching the news. It’s time to break out the steam mops and the heavy-duty vacuum cleaners (you’ll also want some extra vacuum bags ready since you’ll be bringing up so much gunk from your rugs and carpets).


You want to get rid of bacteria that’s dragged through the house on shoes or feet while also making your floors sparkle like new! The floor is actually the first thing that people see when they walk into the room. So, if your floor is clean and shining, you’ll walk in and immediately feel calmer, cleansed, and safer in the space.


As you clean your floor, you can also reorganize some things. Have you always wanted to see what it would be like to have the chair on the other side of the room? Try it out! Learn about Feng Shui and move some things around if you feel so inclined! Spring-cleaning is a great time to try out something new with your cleaning processes and your household setup.


4. Remember your shelves and books.

Most people forget about decorative areas and bookcases because these shelves become part of the “unused background.” However, these areas can collect dust throughout the year that may secretly be affecting your health and wellbeing. We recommend dusting off each and every book cover; this will help preserve your favorite books and work to protect the air quality in your home. Plus, the act of dusting one book after another can be very calming and meditative!



1. Deep clean your fridge 

 What goes in your body is crucial to your mental and physical health—and where your food is stored should be just as clean as your healthy living! Thus, it’s important to deep clean your refrigerator to ensure there aren’t any lingering smells, bacteria, and germs that are seeping into your food.



2. Wash your Dishwasher.

The same goes for the dishwasher. You eat on the plates you put in the dishwasher, and you don’t want your dishware coming out with new bacteria from the washer. You want to be able to see your happy face reflecting back at you in those plates!



1. Reorganize and donate your clothing.

It’s a huge part of spring-cleaning, and it’s not something to be glossed over. Now is the time to go through all of your clothes and get rid of the items you haven’t worn since the last spring-cleaning. Donate what you don’t need anymore, and do a little bit of good this spring (which is also good for the mind and spirit)!


Similar to the books, we recommend taking all of your clothing out and going through each item piece by piece. That will also give you the opportunity to thoroughly clean your physical closet (which can get filled with dust and quickly deteriorate your clothing’s lives.) Going through your clothes can also be a meditative activity: acknowledge what you like and cleanse yourself of those that which you don’t want!



Enjoy your spring-cleaning! Think of it as a time to unwind, relax, and renew. A happy home is a happy self!


HomeRev products are here to make your spring-cleaning easier, simpler, and more relaxing! What are your spring-cleaning tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments below!

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