Eco-Ecommerce: Why You Should Sell Eco-Friendly Products

April 04, 2018 Allison Hess


Eco-Ecommerce: Why You Should Sell Eco-Friendly Products

66% of global respondents to a Nielson survey say they would pay more for products that come from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact. The main sustainability drivers for today’s consumer are trustworthy purchases, health benefits, environmental value, social value, eco-friendly packaging, and a commitment to the local community. 

This is especially true for home goods. People spend most of their life in their home. That’s where they sleep, eat, and raise their families. They want the most natural and organic products “so close to home.” People have greater control over the products they put in their home, which directly correlates to how they feel they are able to control their impact on the environment.

Customers want them. The environment wants them. E-commerce wants them.

Eco-friendly products are a no-brainer.

What does “eco-friendly” mean?

Eco-friendly products are those that don’t harm the environment during production, use, or disposal. They have a minimal or negative effect on pollution and waste levels.

Sometimes, this refers to products that have a negligible carbon footprint. In these cases, the products are produced in an eco-friendly way. These also do minimal harm to people or the environment because they are low in chemicals and high in natural ingredients.

Other times, “eco-friendly” refers to products that actually help improve the environment. For example, a product that is made from recycled materials is helping to reduce waste. Another product may reduce the level of carbon in a home, which can help purify the air.

Eco-Ecommerce: Why You Should Sell Eco-Friendly Products

What are the benefits of selling eco-friendly?

Today’s consumer is highly aware of how their products are impacting the world around them—in personal, community, and worldwide ways.

Eco-friendly products are trending in the market as more and more people move towards a greater social awareness. From recycled goods to organic foods to solar panels, the variety of eco-friendly products is entering every sphere of our lives.

They’re especially popular on e-commerce platforms. Online customers are more aware of the products they’re purchasing. While online, purchasers can quickly research the ingredients and production processes of what they’re buying. This calls for high levels of environmental and social transparency.

Customers are demanding environmentally-friendly products. It’s time for you to optimize on this eco-movement.

1. Attract millennial crowd 

Millennials spend nearly $600 billion every year, a number expected to grow to $1.4 trillion by 2020. If you want to attract this large group of young professionals and travelers, eco-friendly is the way to go. Companies like Patagonia, Whole Foods, and Tesla have grown in popularity with younger generations simply because they build the marketing of their social impact.

A survey by the Shelton Group found that 70% of millennials say a company’s environmental focus impacts their purchasing decisions. This includes not only the eco-friendliness and health of the product but also the environmental impact during manufacturing.

Millennials are the most aware generation with regards to their social impact as well their future expenses. Although eco-friendly products may be a current expense, millennials view them as a long-term investment. For example, an LED bulb will last longer and save money on their electricity bill.

Millennials are purchasing eco-friendly products for the long-term benefits for the environment and their health. You want your business to be in their long-term forecast.

2. Build a brand

It’s hard to differentiate yourself in today’s market, especially in crowded online platforms like Amazon and eBay. Unique branding is the only differentiator in a world saturated with products. 

An environmentally friendly brand is a great way to take part in the green economy. By positioning yourself as an eco-brand, you’re tapping into a key market. You have access both to the niche of dedicated customers who only purchase environmentally friendly products as well as the greater public who are looking for healthy, inexpensive solutions for their families.

Branding is critical for strong marketing. Keep in mind that there different sorts of “green” selling points. When marketing your product, use different (but relevant) phrases like:

  • Low-energy solution
  • Sustainable
  • Non-toxic
  • Recycled materials
  • Low waste
  • Chemical free
  • All natural

3. Build customer loyalty

The Honest Co. exploded so quickly because of its eco-friendly brand. Jessica Alba created a simple company with generic products, but she was able to grow it due to a heavy focus on sustainable, healthy, organic products. Now, The Honest Co. has a devout following. Purchasers will only buy from The Honest Co. because they believe in their mission and products.

Eco-friendly products are an easy way to gain consumer trust. You are showing your ethical side, which is something any consumer can get behind. When they believe in your eco-mission, they are more likely to become loyal, engaged customers.

4. Encourage repeat purchases

When you have high customer loyalty, you begin to gain a high level of repeat purchases and word of mouth marketing.

“But isn’t the purpose of sustainable products to not buy more?”

Some sellers feel hesitant to sell eco-friendly products at first because they feel they can’t keep selling to their customer. People mistakenly think that selling a disposable product means customers will continuously purchase, throw out, and re-purchase your products. 

But today’s customer doesn’t want disposable. They don’t want to keep purchasing light bulbs or water bottles. They want reusable, environmental products. Offering disposable products is not only bad for the environment—it’s not what your customers are asking for.

Moreover, if you provide the sustainable products that your customers want, you build that brand loyalty. When they trust you and are loyal to you, they’ll start to buy your other products as well. You sell them a quality reusable water bottle that they love, so they come back and buy your reusable shopping bags and household cleaners as well.

Eco-Ecommerce: Why You Should Sell Eco-Friendly Products eco friendly factory on earth

How can you maintain an environmental brand?

When you’re building an eco-friendly brand, you want to ensure all parts of your supply chain are environmentally friendly. You can sell a T-shirt made of recycled materials, but if you expend high waste during production and shipment, you’re not living your true eco-friendly mission.

This can cost you your brand loyalty and customers if they find out that your brand isn’t completely eco-friendly. Be sure to know your supplier and supply chain inside and out to reduce on any environmental compliance concerns.

Some great ways to stay environmentally friendly throughout your business:

  • Create a sustainability, social, and environmental compliance checklist for all members of your supply chain.
  • Use recycled paper.
  • Promote local eco-friendly vendors. Partner with local farmer’s markets or community-based companies.
  • Use fuel-efficient vehicles. Work with energy-efficient transporters.
  • Partner with environmental charities and initiatives. Donate a portion of your proceeds to a related environmental cause. 

What are some of the popular eco-friendly products?

So you’re interested in selling eco-friendly products. What should you be selling?

Below are some of the popular, trending products that the majority of consumers have purchased or are considering purchasing in the near future: 

  • Reusable shopping bags
  • Recycled clothes
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Reusable water bottles
  • House cleaners
  • Solar powered speakers
  • Solar powered phone chargers
  • Bamboo clothing
  • LED light bulbs
  • Shower timers
  • Cotton napkins
  • Recycled paper
  • Compostable cutlery and bowls
  • Wooden jewelry and sunglasses 

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