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April 18, 2017 Allison Hess


Enhanced Brand Content is making a splash in the Amazon seller world. In early November 2016, Amazon officially announced their Enhanced Brand Content tool for Professional Sellers, who are looking to communicate a better sense of their brand through detailed, superior product listings.


While some proponents say that Enhanced Brand Content is the ultimate opportunity to position your brand and increase conversions, many critics say it isn’t worth the time it takes to create these listings. HomeRev is on the pro-EBC side, and below we’ll explain why.


What Is Enhanced Brand Content?

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) allows third party brand sellers to describe their products in an “enhanced” way (hence the name). These enhancements include modified product description fields, unique placements of text, and superior images. The EBC is similar to an upgraded version of the A+ content, found under the section “From the Manufacturer.” This is where you can make your product and your brand shine.


Ultimately, EBC makes the listing look more like an attractive eCommerce storefront than a traditional Amazon catalog. In this way, there are more opportunities to sell your prospects by appropriately positioning your product through quality images, relevant descriptions, and an attractive appearance.



What Are The Benefits of Enhanced Brand Content?  

Amazon claims that adding effective EBC to product detail pages will result in increased traffic and higher conversion rates, ultimately leading to increased sales. They also said that A+ listings—the precursor to EBC—increases conversions from 3-10%, and EBC is expected to increase that number further.


But is EBC really that successful?

In reality, we can’t be sure just yet if it truly creates higher conversion rates. EBC is a fairly new tool and most articles and claims are simply speculation at this point. There is not yet enough collected data.


However, Enhanced Brand Content should have significant benefits due to its ability to visually promote the product. If conversions come from quality product descriptions, quality images, and quality branding, an “enhanced” or more aesthetically appealing version should “enhance” the conversions in tandem.


Think of EBC as an on-listing marketing tool. It creates a better shopping experience for your customers by exhibiting the best qualities of your product and brand in an easy, readable way.


 1. It makes your content simple to scan and skim.

Customers can quickly look for the qualities in which they’re most interested, compare it with other products, see a variety of images, and learn more about the brand—all in one snapshot.


2. It’s visually attractive.

People are visual shoppers—both in person and online. Numerous studies have shown that the easier a page is to read, the more likely someone will purchase. EBC focuses on the visual to help boost this conversion.


3. It encourages high-conversion text flow.

Meaning that you can align and place the text where it is most appealing to the prospective customer. You can add subheadings, paragraphs, bullet points, bold, italic, and underlines. Although HTML text is not approved for listings, EBC templates will include these visual options.


4. This creates a visual shopping storefront.

It allows your customer to shop in the way they prefer. Are they visual and want more pictures? Do they like bullet points, catchy slogans, or lengthy paragraphs? You can include all of these in succinct, clear ways to create the ultimate first impression on every customer.


Altogether, EBC helps to enhance your brand’s content by giving the customer a clearer idea of your product. The better they understand your product, the more likely your customer is to purchase the product and also be satisfied with the item they receive. This ultimately drives purchase decisions and lowers returns, leading to happy customers, great reviews, and boosted sales margins.



Who Is Eligible For Enhanced Brand Content? 

EBC is only open to sellers who have been approved as Brand Registry Owners. Third party brand owners then have the ability to utilize this tool for ASINs that are part of their approved catalog (aka those Global Catalog Identifiers that they own). They don’t have the ability to utilize EBC outside of their owned brand.


There is currently no fee for Amazon brand-registered sellers, as Amazon is doing a trial promotional period. However, a cost for enhanced brand content seems highly likely down the pipeline—especially all the hype proves true.



How Do You Use Enhanced Brand Content? 

Under the “Advertising” tab on your Seller Central, you will now see “Enhanced Brand Content” if you are a Brand Registered Owner. You can then choose from five visual templates—don’t worry, you can always change it later. You’ll then add your images and descriptions. You will still want your content to be in accordance with SAO techniques, as the same general Amazon Buy Box rules apply.


The page will then be submitted for review. The turnaround time for approval averages two days, but it can be up to seven days to three weeks unfortunately. Many brands have been rejected their first time around. This is because Amazon’s EBC has a strict list of violations. If you’re rejected, you will receive an outline of revisions that can be made in order for you to be approved. If you are rejected a second time, you can re-do the page and submit for approval again. You can have up to 20 pending submissions at one time. Amazon has human checkers to ensure the highest standards for their Enhanced Brand Content.


There is a list of violations to be aware of. Overall, these requirements are aligned with general product listing requirements. For example, you cannot provide your company’s contact details, promotional information, or registered symbols in product descriptions. You will receive a list of violations when you join the promotion. Ensure you remain within these requirements at all times—especially when it comes to image quality—so that you do not lose your privilege.




Although EBC’s benefits are still to be proven, we recommend taking advantage of this free trial period. You’ll be able to study the effects on your business by watching conversion, sales, and return rate. You can even ask your customers or a small market segment their thoughts on your new (and improved) page. Amazon is always trying to help their sellers sell more, and Enhanced Brand Content seems to be the next greatest hit.



Have you used the Amazon Enhanced Brand Content feature? Or are you interested in learning more? Let us know in the comments below!


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