How To Use Images For Conversion and Profit On Amazon

May 16, 2017 Allison Hess


High-quality product images are the best and simplest way to convert browsers to purchasers on the Amazon marketplace. While SAO listing optimization and product descriptions are important, ultimately consumers want to see and experience the product as though they were holding it in their hands.


Online, that first-hand experience occurs best with pictures. Images can show the product details and features, while also helping customers imagine how they would use the product in their own lives. Product photos can show the unique details of a product that make it worth buying; they can show the usability of the product, and they can demonstrate the value of the product in a given lifestyle. These images become a way for consumers to envision the product in their hands and in their lives.


Furthermore, professional images add credibility and trustworthiness to the brand’s storefront. Quality pictures denote a quality company. Professional images help a consumer know exactly what they are purchasing, which further enhances customer satisfaction (in turn, boosting the star rating for that listing).


Images make the listing come to life.


We will go through Amazon’s image guidelines, how to utilize these standards to your advantage, and the ways in which you can use photos to enhance your listings.

 * Note: Text in orange is directly quoted from Amazon's Image Guidelines


Amazon Image Guidelines


Be sure to meet all of Amazon’s standards at all times. Amazon reserves the right to remove your images or even your entire listing if these guidelines are not met. Learn more from Amazon here.


1. High Resolution

Your images must be at least 1000 pixels or larger on the longest side (either height or width). This 1000px size enables pictures to be zoomed, which is important to Amazon’s quality standards.

Amazon will only accept pictures in the following formats:

  • JPEG (.jpg) – preferred
  • TIFF (.tif)
  • GIF (.gif)


High-resolution photos aren’t just an Amazon standard—they’re a smart business move. Images make an immediate first impression on how consumers will judge your products. Quality photos denote a quality product with a quality brand. Higher resolution images give your brand credibility and authority.


We recommend using 2000 pixels on the longest side, which is the maximum size allowed by Amazon. 2000 pixels allows for clear zooming and a strong representation of your product. If you upload a picture with a higher pixel count, it will be automatically scaled down to 2000px. For example, when high-resolution 2000 or 3000-pixel photos are scaled down, the image is extra sharp and clear, which is ideal for showing off products—and for converting customers.


The bigger and clearer the picture, the better.

The below image is the main image for the product The Oh Ball, a recent project of Seller's Choice Managed Services available to sellers looking to boost their listings. The image seen below is a 3D rendering created by the Seller's Choice team to accurately depict the product in a clean, realistic, high-quality viewing. 




2. White Background

Amazon requires that all main images have a pure white background.


While required, a white background is also the best lighting to show off your products! A focused picture with a white background gives a clean, polished appearance that is proven to have a positive influence with regards to buyer psychology.


As you can see by the image below, the product is show on a clean, white background allowing the product to be the "star" of the image while leaving out any distractions that could confuse buyers. 


3. Only The Product 

Amazon requires that the main picture, show the actual product. All photos must be of the authentic products you are selling. Referencing the first image shown above, the product is seen on its own without any accessories. 


The main image can only show the product that is for sale. The primary picture cannot include accessories or products sold separately. There should also be no logos, watermarks, or insert images that are not a part of the product on the main picture. This includes phrases like “FDA Approved” or “Money Back Guarantee.”


The unit itself must fill 85% or more of the main image space.


It is crucial to make your main image large and in charge. When consumers see the page of Amazon search results, they will begin skimming through all of the listings. The first thing they see? The photos! Having the main image with a prominent, clear picture of your product will attract customers to click on your listing. A strong main image can also help your product win the Buy Box, which is crucial to long-term listing success.


4. Supplemental Photos 

Amazon permits additional (“supplemental”) images. These are the images that are not the primary or main image that appears in search results. These pictures can show off different sides of the product and the product in use.

Below are the supplemental photos created by our Seller's Choice team for The Oh Ball listing.

The first supplemental image gives details on the materials used to make the product. Using call outs in the supplemental images allows for less information to get lost on the listing - important key features that would've otherwise been missed out on are seen in the images, a location on the listing that prospective buyers will definitely see.  

Supplemental photos are a great way to show off details that aren’t visible in the main image. For example, you can display different textures or features with close-up photographs of the unit. “Lifestyle” images show the product in the way that it is naturally used. For these lifestyle photos, a white background is not required (but they are recommended as much as possible). Always be sure to present additional props or accessories in a way that won’t cause customer confusion.


The goal of these photos is to demonstrate the product in a way that will make the consumer envision using the item personally.


Image Best Practices


The purpose of these images is to show your product in the best possible light. In this way, you want to have high-resolution, well-lit photos that show the product as it is in reality. Remove shadows and reflections, and crop the image so the product fills the picture. You may want to consider hiring a professional product photographer who is skilled in lighting, shooting, and editing product images.


Furthermore, you want to have sufficient pictures to properly exhibit the unit. It is recommended to have at least 5 pictures to establish trust and credibility with the consumer. Also, having more images will encourage consumers to browse on your page for longer; the longer they are on your page, the more likely they will convert from browser to buyer. However, you don’t need to use all 9 allotted image spaces if the photos will be redundant.    


Use a variety of images. Provide different viewpoints and angles. If you have multiple colors, show them all! If there is a unique feature, show it in action. Since your consumers can’t physically look at the product as they could in a store, you want to simulate a store experience through the images. This is especially accomplished using close-up and in action shots.


Videos are another great way to show the product in use. Videos help customers imagine using the product themselves, which further encourages them to buy. Videos in listings are available to seller's using Vendor Central. 


Tag your images with alt and title tags. A lot of shoppers don’t search for products directly on Amazon; they may type their keywords into a search engine first. If your images have alt and title tags, they are more likely to appear on image search engine results pages, which improves your overall visibility and online presence to potential consumers.



Enhance your listings with quality images that show your product in the best light. With a great product (like HomeRev’s), you can have great images; with great images, you’ll have an amazing listing that easily converts customers.


Use Seller's Choice Managed Services to boost your listings with professional product photography, 3D Renderings, and in-depth descriptions. Learn more here or contact us to get additional information.

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