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June 06, 2017 Allison Hess


Selling online is no simple feat. It’s an ever-changing field with new technologies, new innovations, and new rules. It’s almost impossible to be successful navigating the e-commerce world alone. You need a network of sellers to bounce ideas off of, discuss new methods, and help stay up to date with fruitful tools and resources.


The best way to build this network and learn more about your field is through conferences, conventions, and “trade” shows. Here you can listen to speakers and entrepreneurs share their success stories—as well as their failures and advice. You can meet other attendees operating within your niche, peripherally, or in a completely separate market. The more people you meet, the more insight you get into the online selling sphere as a whole. There are even sponsors with whom you can discuss marketing strategies and potential partnerships.


A conference is an event that unites all your strongest resources under one roof.


So which conferences should you consider attending? Where should you spend your time and energy to get the most relevant insight?


Prosper Show


The Prosper Show is one of the most successful conferences for “prosperous” e-commerce sellers. This annual convention is for established Amazon sellers who are looking to share best practices and network with other sellers. It deals solely with Amazon, so every minute of the day is focused on growing your online Amazon brand and meeting like-minded people. Certain sessions are even designed specifically for private label sellers or advanced sellers, so you can get even more concentrated, in-depth info pertinent to you!


“This conference is ideal for the established Amazon online seller seeking to learn to build business more profitably, while meeting leading solution and service providers that can help sellers scale their businesses more efficiently.”


The next Prosper conference will be March 14-15, 2018 at the Las Vegas Convention Center with optional additional days March 12 and 13. Like the 2017 conference, the upcoming event will feature former Amazon leaders and CEOs and general managers of Amazon marketplace solutions providers. The focus will be on education and relationship building within the Amazon world. This upcoming Prosper show is also co-located with ASD MarketWeek and Source Direct.


HomeRev is a proud sponsor of Prosper! We love attending this show to meet successful and budding Amazon sellers who are working to grow their businesses. There are a lot of other amazing online solutions and service providers that attend the show too, which is a great way to gain new partnerships!


Check out the Prosper blog for more info and resources as an Amazon seller!




The Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition is another amazing e-commerce show that ensures you are always up to date with “the next big thing” in the online retail space. This is an extensive and large show with over 200 speakers and 130 conference sessions. Presentations and workshops are led by industry leaders and experts in SEO techniques and other online commerce trends. Every step of the IRCE journey is focused on teaching and learning new strategies in marketing, fulfillment, e-sales, retail technology, and much more.


They also offer an impressive tradeshow hall with over 600 participating companies in 250,000 square feet of space. This is a great way to find the best solution providers that can best work with your business and help your brand grow. This is also where significant networking happens to create an inter-relational conference setting that exponentially grows your online retail success.


This year’s conference is June 6-9, 2017 in Chicago. They expect an attendance of over 10,000 people. Get ready to register for next year’s conference already to make sure you get a spot in this colossal conference of exhibition, community, and brand development. You’ll find everything in the online retail sphere here. We’ll see you there!


International Home and Housewares Show

The International Housewares Association annually puts on the International Home and Housewares Show. This conference doesn’t focus only on e-commerce but on the integration of online technology with brick and mortar processes. It is “where art intersects with engineering; where technology informs style; where exhibitors display innovation, buyers discover trends and the industry connects to do business.”


The International Home and Housewares convention showcases 2,100 exhibitors with thousands of products in the home goods industry. This is a great way to learn about the trends within the market through new technology, selling methods, and customer insight.


One of our favorite aspects of this show is that it’s more than just a trade show. They have industry leaders that demonstrate the macro and micro impacts of trends and purchasing habits. They present and exhibit only the best providers and companies that you can learn from and partner with. Furthermore, it’s a large but accessible event with floor plans, detailed agendas, and even a mobile app!


HomeRev loves being a part of this show because it’s about more than just the products. It’s about the products within the broader sphere of the selling ecosystem. It is about marketplace intelligence, consumer awareness, technology trends, and the buyer-seller interface. The International Home and Housewares Show is the best place to build relationships and grow your brand within the industry.


The Conferences Bottom Line


Network and grow your partnerships. Learn new technologies. Develop trending strategies. Understand your industry. Hear advice from top experts and meet with leading exhibitors.


Conferences give you the opportunity to become a key player within your industry. The above three are must-sees for HomeRev sellers or any e-commerce or home goods retailers.


Contact HomeRev to learn more about the shows and conferences we attend that can boost your brand!

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