7 Ways To Sell Successfully In Amazon’s Home & Kitchen Category

January 31, 2018 Allison Hess


Choosing what products to sell on Amazon is the first step in building a successful long-term business. You want to make sure that you select products with high margins, high demand, high sell-through, and high potential. You want to find products that your customers want and that will add something to your portfolio.

But how do you find the right products? How do you know which products will best build your brand?

The Home & Kitchen category on Amazon is one of the first places we recommend looking. 

Home & Kitchen is not only one of the more extensive categories, but it also innately enables you to build a strong business model.

Below we’ll give you the top tips for selling in the Home & Kitchen category—and how you can get started today!

What Is Amazon Home & Kitchen?

The Home & Kitchen store makes it easy for customers to find home goods from a variety of sources. It includes multiple subcategories, including:

  • Furniture & Décor
  • Kitchen & Dining
  • Bedding & Bath
  • Patio, Lawn, & Garden
  • Vacuums, Cleaning, & Storage
  • Kids’ Furniture & Décor
  • Seasonal Décor
  • Heating, Cooling, and Air Quality
  • Irons & Steamers
  • Home Improvement

Check out Amazon’s Home & Kitchen best sellers here, updated hourly.

7 Ways To Sell Successfully In Amazon’s Home & Kitchen Category amazon kitchen and dining navigation page

The Home & Kitchen shop is also a fun storefront for customers to navigate. It allows you to shop by room, category, and even design style. This allows Amazon’s platform to be as fun and funky as traditional home goods websites. This new design of the Home & Kitchen category has begun attracting even more customers to purchase their home goods from Amazon.

Amazon’s Home & Kitchen is extensive in breadth and depth, which makes it ideal for sellers with plans to expand and grow their businesses.

Note that on some pages and in certain organizational formats, Amazon calls this category “Home & Garden” or “Home, Garden, Pets, and Tools.”

How do you sell in the Home & Kitchen category in a way that will provide optimal success?

1. Focus on upselling.

Selling complementary products is one of the easiest ways to upsell customers and create loyal purchasers. If two products naturally go together, your customer will likely buy them both if they have the option to do so. Amazon upselling usually comes from the “Frequently Bought Together” section or a premade Amazon bundle.

Home goods products are one of the easiest categories to upsell with complementary products.

For example, you’ve just sold a humidifier to a customer. Now, you can also sell them an extra pack of humidifier filters to have for their new humidifier. You can even consider selling them an air purifier with filters because you know that they care about the air quality of their home.

You could even upsell multiple products. If a person is purchasing a mop, you can sell them on the microfiber cloths to go with the mop. You can also sell them on a vacuum as a way to enhance their floor care regimen.

Moreover, if someone likes one of your products, they’re more likely to come back to buy the replacement parts and other similar goods from you. This helps to create loyal, repeat customers.

Selling complementary home goods products is one of the easiest ways to upsell and gain long-term loyalty.

2. Optimize your listings for replacement parts.

Consider the Amazon home goods purchaser. A number of Amazon customers are looking for inexpensive, convenient ways to get additional parts or add-ons for their home goods. One of the biggest pain points for customers is trying to find the right piece for their model. Do they have a Dyson DC41 or DC58?

Amazon’s search algorithm makes it easy for customers to find the perfect replacement part. As an Amazon seller, you want to include the brand, model, and purpose of the replacement part in the headline. This ensures your listing is fully optimized and relevant to customers searching for that specific style or part.

This convenience and ease of shopping is one of the easiest ways to convert Amazon Home shoppers.

For example, Anne’s vacuum just broke and she needs a vacuum bag and filter. She needs these parts quickly because her mother-in-law is visiting this weekend. She goes on Amazon, types in the brand and model of her vacuum, and she instantly has search results with the appropriate bags and filters. She chooses a Prime seller who can send it for free in one day. Anne gets the right parts she needs before her mother-in-law comes.

Now, Anne is loyal to that seller who got her the right parts in the right time period.

7 Ways To Sell Successfully In Amazon’s Home & Kitchen Category customer question

3. Answer questions.

Your product listings should be as specific and optimized as possible to help your customer find the correct product for their needs. Answering customer’s questions on Amazon will help provide additional details outside of the bullets and product description. This helps the purchaser asking the question and also others who come to the page with inquiries about your product.

This section is also a great way to learn more about your Home customers. If people are frequently asking a similar question about your product, you know that that is a pain point that they care about.

For example, you sell a coffee filter and notice that customers are often asking if the coffee filter is reusable. You now know that reusability is important to your audience.

You might want to include this product feature in the bullet points to improve your conversion. Be as specific as possible. For example, you could write, “Reusable up to five years; dishwasher friendly.”

Home goods customers have very specific needs with their home products. They know how they want their home to run, and your product has to fit into that lifestyle. Including lots of details in your description and in the “Answers” section helps convince customers that your product will fit in with their routine.

Information converts Home customers.

4. Focus on quality.

Home products tend to be more about quality than trending items. When people find a product they like to use, they become loyal to that product and brand. It’s rare that someone will choose a home goods product just because it’s trending, unless the trending item has proven more valuable than the product they’re currently using.

This means you need to focus on quality products for your customer. The better quality, the more likely you’ll create consistent customers who become faithful to your brand.

Selling unique products is also an important selling point in Home. You want to offer a product that “does the most.” For example, you don’t just sell a vacuum; you sell a wet/dry vacuum that can both suck up wet and dry goods.

You can add unique value with product bundles as well. For example, you can sell a bundle with an air filter and carbon filter for your air purifier. This provides more value to the discount shopper, further pulling them into your brand.

The best way to provide differentiation is through private labeling. This is when you put your own label on generic products or when you sell a third-party private label like HomeRev.

A Nielson study of private labeling found that 69% of global respondents believe getting the best price on a product is important, and they believe purchasing private label is the best way to save money. But the appeal for private label goes beyond price. 67% of customers believe private label offers extremely good value for the price—often equivalent to or exceeding the generic brand name.

The number of customers purchasing private label is increasing, especially as more private labelers are emerging with distinctive, exceptional products. This is the time to optimize on selling private labels to eager purchasers.

5. Tailor your Amazon marketing appropriately. 

Marketing on Amazon can help you gain visibility and sales, which can improve your reviews and seller rank. This ultimately helps you win the Buy Box. Home goods are one of the easiest categories to market because of the varying needs of products based on season and weather. 

For example, more people buy humidifiers in the fall and winter than the spring and summer because they want to avoid the dry air. This gives you an opportunity to push your humidifiers in the fall by utilizing the weather.

The seasonality of home goods helps you focus your marketing budget on relevant products, rather than trying to hold a wider campaign that may show a lower return on investment.

Specificity and relevance are key.

Don’t forget to use marketing to appeal to the emotions of your purchaser. The home is where your customer lives. That’s where their family and friends spend their time. That’s where they host parties, play with their pets, and spend the majority of their time.

Market your products in a way that grabs their attention and creates some sort of emotional response. Write stunning copy that doesn’t just describe the product but explains how the product will improve your customer’s life. You should also include lifestyle photos that show how your product will fit into your customer’s daily routine.

7 Ways To Sell Successfully In Amazon’s Home & Kitchen Category businesswoman working on laptop taking notes

6. Get off the Amazon platform.

There are thousands of Home & Garden products—what makes yours unique? In order to differentiate your product, you need a separate social media and marketing strategy. This is especially true if you are selling a private label and don’t yet have a strong following of your brand.

Create your own website and social media platforms. Build a presence. This helps show off your brand’s USP and educate customers about your brand. This differentiation helps gain customers off of Amazon, which can then be redirected to Amazon to purchase.

7. Sell with HomeRev. 

HomeRev is more than just a private label. We do research and development to ensure we are always on top of the trends that people are searching for. We’re quickly expanding into additional lifestyle categories, so you always have room for growth in your Home store. 

Plus, our products are unique and fun. You’ll love selling our home goods—and using them in your own house. You’re providing others with the products to have a healthy lifestyle in their house.

The benefits of selling a private label are endless…

But the advantages of selling HomeRev’s private label with associated seller services are unmatched.

Create an account to join the revolution and get started with your Home business!

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