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11 Household Uses Of Baby Wipes

July 17, 2017 Allison Hess


Baby wipes are the best-kept household handy secret. If you like the convenience of a cleaning wipe but don’t want the harsh chemicals, then it’s time to pick up a pack of baby wipes.


Baby wipes are made for delicate, sensitive skin, so they don’t have those harmful and irritating chemicals. They’re also antimicrobial and disinfectant, so they’re perfect for cleaning up around the house. Plus, baby wipes pick up just about anything and everything—and they do it with a fresh, sweet scent!


Don’t believe us? Here are 11 effective uses of baby wipes around the house.



1. Removes Stains 

Baby wipes can remove recent stains on almost any surface, including clothing, walls, sofa, carpet, blankets, and more. Gently blot a baby wipe on the stain, and you’ll see the color start to transfer instantly. If the wipe alone isn’t strong enough, it can at least ensure the stain won’t set while you find another natural stain removing trick.



2. Cleans Walls

Have scuff marks, crayon, pencil, or handprints on the wall? Baby wipes can help remove these marks without damaging the paint or wallpaper underneath.


3. Dust and Mop

Baby wipes are like a dust magnet. They even pick up dirt and grime better than paper towels or traditional cleaning wipes. Attach them to the bottom of your mop, or use them to clean hard-to-reach cracks and crevices. Baby wipes are a great way to clean the dirtiest places in your home without using too much elbow grease or harsh, unnatural chemicals.



4. Adds Shine

Because of the softening ingredients of baby wipes, they also add a glossy sheen to hard surfaces. Although this shine usually only lasts a short time, they’re great for creating a clean appearance in a pinch. Wipe countertops in the bathroom and kitchen before hosting a party, and your home will look shiny and welcoming.



5. Polishes Leather

Baby wipes also add shine to leather. If you’ve been struggling to find a way to safely dust your leather sofa or clean off that scuff on your leather jacket, try swiping a baby wipe over it! It’ll remove most marks and restore the leather to its shiny luster.



6. Freshens Plants

Houseplants can quickly get covered in dust and dirt if not cleaned often. We like to use baby wipes because they won’t hurt the plant, they efficiently pick up dust, and your plants will look fresh and shiny again in a snap.



7. Disinfects Appliances and Toys

Baby wipes are a great for quick, disinfecting clean without harsh chemicals or bleaches. Use them to remove fingerprints and water stains on microwaves, toasters, coffee machines, fridge handles, and more. You can also use them to disinfect your kids’ plastic toys in a natural way (so it’s still safe for children to put the toys in their mouth after the cleaning). 


Baby wipes are also a great way to clean your keyboard without harming the electronics. Unplug your keyboard or turn off your computer, and use a baby wipe in between the keys. It will disinfect and pick up dust and grime deep down in those small nooks.


8. Cleans Pets

If your pet avoids bath time at all costs, use a baby wipe to do a quick, occasional bath. Baby wipes are a pet hair magnet, both on and off the animal. If you rub baby wipes over your pet’s fur, it will help pull off any loose or shedding hairs. The same goes for picking up hair on couches, floors, and more. Baby wipes are also a great way to quickly clean muddy paws or remove smelly drool.

9. De-Greases Pans

Having trouble cleaning off grease and oil that’s fried to the bottom of your pans? Swipe a baby wipe over pots and pans before putting them in the dishwasher. These wipes can pick up grease without harsh scrubbing, so you’ll save the life of your pots and your dishwasher. 

10. Freshens Car

Keep a pack of baby wipes in the car for a quick fix for spills and stickiness. You can even use them to quickly dust and clean your car while sitting at a red light. They pick up dirt easily, and the wipes can get into the deep corners and crevices of cup holders, air vents, and steering wheels. Baby wipes are also great to have on hand in case you need to clean off your windshield or windows in the cases of bird poop, pollen buildup, and more.



11. Removes Makeup 

If you like the convenience of makeup wipes, baby wipes are a less-irritating, more cost-effective solution. They’ll remove makeup on your face, on your clothes, and even on your bed sheets. They can even work to remove excess tanning lotion and hair dyes, tame flyaway hairs, and soften hands and cuticles. There are a lot of health and skincare uses for baby wipes—if you can think of it, you can probably use baby wipes for it!


Baby Wipes Bottom Line


Best of all, baby wipes will keep you cool on hot days.  Having a pack on hand in your purse, car, or briefcase is a great way to cool down, clean up, and look and feel your best.


For a quick but thorough clean around the house, baby wipes are a gentle and inexpensive solution. Your home will look and feel beautifully fresh. 


Do you have any baby wipe tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments below! 

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