The Importance of Customer Service

April 11, 2017 Allison Hess


From Siri and Alexa to self-driving cars, robots have taken over our modern world, including business and HR functions. While mechanizing these processes may be useful in some areas, digitalization in customer service has been shown to decrease service quality. This can create dissatisfied customers, wasted time, and lost profits. When you invest your time and money into a company, you want to ensure that your needs and expectations are met. More and more studies show that these expectations are sorely unmet with automated services.


Thus, superior customer service has quality interactions through human connection. According to Accenture research, 83% of U.S. consumers prefer human beings to robots for their customer service. This really news. The human touch brings with it a plethora of benefits that make the client’s life easier, simpler, and more energy- and cost-effective.


What are these benefits of human-based customer service for your business?

1. Solutions and Results

Talking directly to a person ensures that you will always have a solution. No matter how complex the issue, humans can work through it towards a resolution. If there is no current solution, there’s a single individual who is then responsible to find that result. They become your point person and help you reach some sort of end.


Furthermore, a customer service representative can function like a consultant.  Whether the issue is technical, budget-based, or strategic, your service rep can work with you to find all the possible routes and results. They are trained to know how to utilize their company’s services towards your success. 


2. Relationships

In this same way, a human representative will give you a personal relationship that goes beyond just fixing a problem. Each phone call and email is a chance to build a connection towards mutual growth and development.


This relationship can highly benefit your business by ensuring you always have someone “in your corner,” fighting for your success. They have your best interests at heart because they know you. A computer will treat you the same as any other interaction. Business doesn’t just have to be business; it’s an interconnected network of progression. 

3. Cost-Effective

With a human representative, solutions are direct and instantaneous. Communication can occur quickly, which saves time and resources. Moreover, time is money. That time wasted on the phone with a robot could be used towards something more productive and profitable in your business.


Furthermore, in 2016, 52% of customers switched companies due to digitalized customer services.  The total spent on these switches was $1.6 trillion in America alone. It costs significant money and energy to switch providers when searching for a service with human, customer-centric help.


Humans and Technology: The Bottom Line

Bottom-line? It’s frustrating to talk to a robot that doesn’t know your humanly problems, needs, and wants. But this doesn’t mean that digitalization is anti-business. It simply means there should be a strong integration of technology and people. Online businesses are growing to be the most profitable companies in our digital world. Thus, maintaining profits means keeping up with technology.


Ultimately, though, customers will always be people, and so there must always be a human element to business. Customers care about quality service, and quality service comes from result-orientation, relationships, and time efficiency. These are first and foremost found through human-based customer service.


HomeRev is dedicated to each and every one of our clients with personal follow-ups and customized business plans. We value a strong integration of advanced technology and expert representatives. Take a look at our Seller’s Choice Service Guide for more information about all of the human-based services we offer for our clients.

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